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Naviglio District

Naviglio district
A sunset on the canal of Naviglio district in Milan.

Naviglio district
Good occasion to take a beautiful photo.

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Must-see sight of Milan, "Naviglio district"

Today, here Naviglio district is one of the three major tourist destinations in Milan. And it's not only a popular tourist destination but also a latest spot for the local Milan people.
Taking a metro of the green line (linea 2), take off at the stop Porta Genova FS and walk for 5 minutes. A canal is a landmark of this district.

Once a lot of man-made canals ran all over the city of Milan. They were used to transport many items to keep people's daily life. It's well known that stones for the construction of the Duomo were transported through these canals. Leonardo da Vinci had collaborated to design for the construction of the canals. Once also Milan was called a "City of Water".

Beautiful Downtown of Milan

However, accompanied by the development of traffic transportation after World War II, most of those canals were filled in. Now only this Naviglio district has vestiges of that old epoch. Initially this area was known as a downtown of many artists. Then from 1982 when local people started some reconstruction activities, it became gradually a new tourist attractive place in Milan.

A typical image of Milan is a city of fashion and busy commerce. However in this district you can feel the scent of history and romance. Thanks to the atmosphere of slow-flowing time, here would be very popular also for locals. Recently many select shops attract lots of Milanese and Naviglio district is considered a new spot with newly opened trendy restaurants and cafes. On the other hand, there are old bars and cafes that have been loved by local people for many years. The coexistence of the downtown area and a new one would make an attractive atmosphere.
And especially in the summer, cafes around the canal put outside tables along the banks. Many people can enjoy Aperitif.

Just enjoy a romantic feeling

Anyway, here must be highly romantic without doubt. And more, Naviglio district is very famous as a best place to see a beautiful sunset. Enjoy a delicious meal in a stylish restaurant of Naviglio district in Milan!

Name Naviglio District in Milan
How to reach Take a metro of the green line 2, and get off at the stop of Porta Genova FS. It takes 10 min on foot toward the next stop Sant'Ambrogio.
From the Duomo it takes 25 min. by walk.
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