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Via Monte Napoleone in Milan

Via Monte Napoleone of Milan
Many fashionable men and women are walking on this street

Via Monte Napoleone of Milan
If you love shopping, here would be a paradise. It's fun just do window shopping!

Via Monte Napoleone of Milan
Colorful show windows.

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Epicenter of the fashion in Milan is "Via Montenapoleone "

Recently a boom which is often spoken among European society is ZEN culture of the Asia. For almost of Milanese it's fashionable to go to Sushi - Bar. "ZEN" is considered something stylish and world-famous designers of top class are inspired by ZEN culture. Now they are making various efforts to realize a fusion of Asian cultures and European one. Indeed that is a big boom.

Here is the epicenter of the fashion in Milan, "Via Montenapoleone". This is a meeting place for noble Milan people. Milan has always been a leading fashion city in the world and this street would be an evidence of "the city of Mode".
In recent years, "bamboo" is often found with novel designs. Also at a store window "ZEN" style became very popular. You can discover a modern Asia in Milan, it might be interesting to try.

The heart of the Mode

It takes 10 minutes by walk from the Duomo. If you take a metro of the yellow line (linea 3), just one stop from the Duomo. This street has a special atmosphere even in Milan. On the both side of the street, there are many cars of "Ferrari", one of Italy's leading luxury car or Mercedes Benz. Plus, many many beautiful Italian ladies are enjoying shopping. Model-like beauties dressed in the latest Italian fashion are walking through the crowd like in the film, keeping an exotic perfume... That would be a classic image of Milan.

Enjoy a fashionable face of Milan

Around this street Montenapoleone in Milan, you can enjoy to visit many shops of stylish Italian leading brands like Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Etro, Ferragamo, Giorgio Armani, etc. Here newly published items at "Milan Collection" arrive immediately on store shelves. Plus there are many limited edition items, which can be purchased only here. If you love shopping, here would be a dream-like paradise. Each store's interiors and displays are interesting, and cool Italian guys in black and white suits uniform will welcome you. If you love shopping, here would be a paradise. It's fun just do window shopping!

Name Via Monte Napoleone
How to reach 10-minuets walk from the Duomo. A street between the stops of the metro"Montenapoleone" and "San Babila".
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Attention! For shopping in Milan

In August many shops are closed and can't enjoy shopping here. Some shops has Tax Free system for Tourists, if you want receive a tax refund, you hove to bring your passport.

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