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About Happy Hour

Aperitif in Milano
There are many chic places. Most bars have many seats so you can enjoy meal being seated. Additional charges are applied only when you order other drinks after the first glass.

All you can eat for around 6 euros, a popular dining style among young people!

Italian restaurant is relatively very expensive. It's same also for Italians. Therefore, Italian young people was used to eat at home and go out to enjoy drinking at a bar with friends after a meal. In these last years, a new system became popular among young people in big cities such as Milan in northern Italy. That is "Happy Hour".
It's also called "Aperitivo": drinking alcohol before dinner and eating a light snack. This is very popular among young people with few money. It's possible to eat various food like meat, pasta, risotto etc. Anyway, all you can eat! It's generally included a glass of beer or cocktail or wine. Only about 6 euros!!

Aperitif in Milano
Asian food buffet is very popular recently.

Delicious and quick meals

Happy Hour is perfect for tourists. Italian restaurants are normally opened late, around 7:30 pm. Therefore the Aperitivo which starts around 6:00 pm is very useful. And it's a buffet system so you can take what you like. Of course, there are table seats so it's possible to enjoy a calm dining.
Normally you should order one drink and pay the specified price. When you get a seat with your drink, let's go to get food at the buffet counter. It's "All you can eat" system, so you can take your favorite food. Be careful to take too much!!

Let's go at the opening moment. Happy hour is from 6:00 pm until about 9:00 pm!

Since you can eat affordable food economically, good bars become crowded soon. Especially in the summer, the day is very long and many people are relaxing with the Aperitivo, which usually starts around 6- 6:30 pm.
It's recommended a bar with various snacks at the counter, and let's go at the opening moment. Outside of the bars there is usually a large banner like "Happy Hour 18.00 ~ 21.00, 6E".

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Happy Hour, It's delicious!

Initially when this system was born, there were much less kinds of food and not delicious. Recently since lots of bars offer this Happy Hour, the quality of food has been raised. It's really wonderful to be able to enjoy same taste food as trattoria, at around 6 euros.
Now there are many different types of happy hours like traditional food specialty, vegetarian, ethnic etc. But good places become full soon after opening, it's important to check beforehand.