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Galleria (Arcade) Vittorio Emanuele II

Galleria di Milano
Galleria with glass ceilings with amazing frescoes. On the floor there are decorations of splendid mosaics. The mosaic of a bull would make you happy. It's somewhere in this Galleria... look it!

Galleria di Milano
Milan Galleria is a work of art itself. Beautiful dark evening time and relaxing atmosphere. On that day there was a classic concert inside.

Galleria di Milano
Here! In front of the Prada, there is a mosaic of a bull with a pit. There is a legend of "ready to be happy". If you can make 3 turns putting your heel to stop on the "important part" of the Bull, you would become happy. Try it!


Symbol of Milan, Galleria

This Galleria is a symbol of Milan as well as the Duomo.
Its name is dedicated for the first King of the Kingdom of Italy, Vittorio Emanuele II. Firstly it was designed in 1861, and an Italian architect Giuseppe Mengoni started the construction in 1865. The works finished in 1877. Based on a traditional method of the stone-built, glass, iron, stone and modern ferroconcrete are used perfectly and create a beautiful fusion of each technology. It's an exactly masterpiece of Milan's architecture. It's amazing that the ideal balance of beauty is assimilating into daily scene of Milan.

The center of Fashion, here there is also headquarter of PRADA

This Galleria is located on the left seeing the Duomo in front of you. Here is also well known as a pioneer of shopping malls. Then inside there is headquarter of famous historical "Prada". Not only, there is also a shop of "Louis Breton" on the other side. This Galleria is like a symbol of the history and the modernity of the city of Milan. You can find also an old bookstore, bag shop, jewellery shop, etc. Talking about "Milan shopping", here would be one of the first destinations.

Building itself is a work of art

Each frescoes on the ceiling in the center represents for continents of Europe, Africa, Asia and America. Open-air concerts or design exhibitions and various events are organized in this central place of the Galleria. On the other hand, there are mosaic pictures on the floor. One of those mosaics, there is a bull figure with a pit. Here, let's make 3 turns putting your heel on this pit! There is a legend saying you would become happy. Indeed many tourists are taking photos here.

Relaxing at a cafe is also nice!

This district between the Duomo and the Scala Theater is famous as a passageway with trendy cafes and restaurants. Enjoy a relax time in the city life at one of those places. There is also a cafe founded more than 100 years ago.

Name Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (ガッレリア・ヴィットリオ・エマヌエレ2世)
How to reach Immediately left from the Duomo, in the plaza of the Duomo.
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