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Duomo (Cathedral) of Milan

Duomo di Milano
The beautiful Duomo with Gothic facade in the center of the Milan.

Duomo di Milano
The interior of the Duomo is full of subtle works. Look at the beautiful marble floor pattern.

Duomo di Milano
Let's go on the roof. As well as overlooking the city, beautiful Gothic spires are really breathtakingly wonderful.

Duomo di Milano
You can enjoy fine works and panorama under your eyes.

5 stars

The symbol of Milan, Duomo (Cathedral)

In Europe it's often seen an urban style that a symbol of God Church is located in the heart of a city, and the city is constructed around the church. Here also in Milan the "Duomo" is a symbol of the city in the center.

The construction of the cathedral was started in accordance with the wishes of Gian Galeazzo Visconti in 1386. It was completed by Napoleon's order over 500 years later. The magnificent building of length 158m, width 93m, height 108m has 11,700 square meters of internal area. Actually it's known as the world's largest Gothic. The fusion of beauty of 135 steeples and 2245 statues is really magnificent.

It's known that the famous Spanish architect famous Gaudi designed the Sagrada Familia and it's still under construction. Like this example, 500-year construction was possible just only for the Catholic power in Italy. This massive Gothic Cathedral is considered as the best example of the Gothic architecture in Italy. And its original design has a unique beauty.

Duomo in the center of the city is the best landmark!

Once the streets around the Cathedral were full of cars and buses and always dirty because of exhaust gases. In recent years this area became vehicle free to public cars and neat. It's said that to clean up the whole Cathedral it will take more than five years. However, recently a cover of works in front of the entrance was taken away and it became able to see the majestic figure.
In recent years the cathedral was refreshed and became beautiful. Also the local people say in union "This is the first time to see a white neat Duomo like this".

Since this cathedral is in the center of the city, there are many transfers of subways, trams and buses. The square becomes crowded with many people in the morning and in the evening. Also the local people use "Duomo" as a meeting point. In addition to many tourists, local Catholic believers often visit here to pray. It's really the "heart" of Milan people.

It's also interesting to see magnificent Gothic interior and the roof

Inside the church there are many stained glasses reflecting in many colors by lights and paintings and sculptures depicting the history of Christianity. It would be the most sacred place in Milan. Mysterious tranquility of that space is so grand to rest the hearts of visitors.

It's possible to go on the rooftop of the cathedral by stairs or elevator. You can enjoy view of the city of Milan. It's also a good opportunity to see close to many beautiful sculptures of Gothic architecture. If you see the splendid panorama of Milan across those sculptures, it will certainly be unforgettable memory in your life.

Cathedral of Milan (Duomo)

Entrance: 9:00-17:20
Elevator: 7 euros
Stairs: 5 euros

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Advices from who lives in Milan

Once there was a Tourist point to the right side seeing the Duomo in front of you. However now there is a new tourist information center on your left, going down the basement stairs in the Galleria. Here you can get many information about attractions and events, and a city map.
To enter the Cathedral, there is a cloth and baggage control. And although in a very hot summer day, those who are in a no-sleeves or in sandals cannot enter. Please be careful.