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Lake Como (Lago di Como) 5 stars

Como Lake from Milan
Europe's premier resort, Lake Como. It takes only 30 minutes by train from Milan.

Como Lake from Milan
Como town is beautiful and exclusive resort. It's also ideal for leisurely walks.

Como Lake from Milan
Enjoy a comfortable boat or cable car ride.

Como Lake from Milan
Here is a cable car at Lake Como, a pretty yellow color wagon.

Como Lake from Milan
A wonderful view from a cable car.

Europe's largest resort, Lake Como

North of Milan, around the Switzerland border on the Alps, there is a northern lakes region with the abundant nature. This region has several beautiful lakes and one of the most famous lakes is "Lake Como". It's a very large lake, maximum width of 4.3 kilometers. From Milan it takes about 30 minutes by train from Central Station or the Cadorna station.

Historical emperors and kings had loved this lake

Lake Como has a long history. Rulers and Roman emperors such as Caesar in Italy, or royal families in Europe had loved here. Indeed here had been always very elegant and those millionaires had invited many poets and painters. They had descrived and drawn many figures of this beautiful lake.

Now is a summer vacation zone for Hollywood stars

Lake Como is famous all over the world as a traditional summer resort. In recent years, numbers of Hollywood movie stars buy or build private villas. Indeed, the local people call here "Little Hollywood". The beautiful and delicate colored lake is like a dream. Along the lake there are many cafes and restaurants, so you can spend moments in one of those elegant luxury villas.

Use a boat and a cable car and enjoy the beautiful scenery!

You can enjoy a boat in the lake or cable car overlooking the Alps. It's really ideal place to be relaxed away from the bustle of the city.

In the town of Como, there are various souvenir shops around the beautiful Duomo. You can enjoy shopping calmly. Near Lake Como many industries are flourishing. Especially the traditional beautiful silk products are very famous.

Boat Cruise:
Adults 6,40 euros Children 4 euros (1 hour)
Adults 10.50 euros Children 6.5 euros (2 hours)

Cable Car:
Adults 4.25 euros Children 2.7 euros

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Advices from who lives in Milan

Lake Como is suitable for not busy tourism but for elegant and relaxing visit.
The Duomo in the heart of the town of Como is really luxury. It's a typical rococo architecture, which is worth to see.