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Sforzesco Castle (Castello Sforzesco)

Castello Sforzesco of Mialn
Sforza Castle: the beautiful symmetric entrance of the building.

Castello Sforzesco of Mialn
You can arrive by 15 minutes walk from the Duomo to the northwest. Behind the castle there is a vast park of Sempione (Parco Sempione) with a public aquarium.

Castello Sforzesco of Mialn
It's a vast site.

5 stars

Sforza castle, a fortress of the Duchy of Milan

It's situated in the center of the city, just 5 minutes walk from the Duomo. From the square in front of the Cathedral, just go through the street Via Mercanti, and then to Via Dante. That is a clean and spacious cobbled street. On the both sides there are lined fashionable shops' windows. Enjoying window-shopping, suddenly a high tower jumps into your eyes. The towering figure in the town is like a pillar that connects earth and sky like a giant. That is an entrance of Sforzesco Castle.

The front entrance is a tall tower of 109 meters and there is a long wall of brickwork around the entrance. In front of the tower there is located a sculpture of Duke Sforza on the horse with a circular fountain. It would be an extraordinary illusion in movie.

Leonardo da Vinci joined the construction of this beautiful building

Sforzesco Castle was an old castle of the Visconti Family and Sforza Family remodeled it to their residence in the 15th century. It's said that also Leonardo da Vinci joined the construction. The beauty of the castle is one of the places to visit at least once during your visit in Milan.

Passing through the tower's entrance, there is a large open space where you can feel the breath of the past. Inside there is a museum that conserves the masterpiece of Michelangelo, "Rondanini Pietà". Michelangelo was making just before his death. "Pietà " means "mercy" and many artists took this motif in paintings and sculptures as an important theme in Catholic Christianity. The classic composition is a figure of died Christ in the arms of Virgin Mary. In Rome there is another famous Michelangelo's work in St. Peter's Basilica. "Rondanini Pietà" is also very famous and many tourists visit from all over the world.

Recreation area in Milan

The "Parco Sempione" behind the Castello Sforzesco is a vast park where local people come and enjoy a leisurely stroll. In the morning or evening a lot of Milanese are jogging on the grasses or young couples are whispering love. It's a peaceful place.

Behind the park there is a symbolic "Gate of Peace (Arco della pace)". It was built in 1807 to dedicate to Napoleon. Currently it's under construction for cleaning up of the left side but also from here you can see the tower of the Castello Sforzesco across the park.

Name Sforza Castle (Castello Sforzesco)
Address Piazza Castello, Milano Italy
How to reach Go straight to the main street Via Dante from Piazza del Duomo in Milan.
Phone number +39 02-8846 3704
Fee Sforza Castle: Free
Museum of Sforza Castle: 5.5 euros
Opening Hours Museum of Sforza Castle: 9:00-17:30
Closed Monday
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