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Le Strade Nuove and i Palazzi dei Rolli

Genoa Le Strade Nuove
Nuove Strade registered as World Heritage by UNESCO: Via Garibaldi lined with museums that are opened to the public. If you have time, try to visit the interior of the museums.

Genoa Le Strade Nuove
The Palazzo Rosso (the Red Palace) on the via Garibaldi gives the impression of opulence. It is also luxurious interior furnishings of the museum.

Genoa Le Strade Nuove
Located opposite to Palazzo Rosso, Palazzo Turusi. Here is the Genoa Town Hall and a museum.

Genoa Le Strade Nuove
At the start of Via Garibaldi it is located the Palazzo Bianco (White Palace). This is a museum of many Italian painters and Flemish artists.

Genoa Le Strade Nuove
Located in Via Garibaldi, the frescoes of the entrance into a bank building.

Genoa Le Strade Nuove
Located in Via Garibaldi, elegant entrance of the building containing the many offices.

Genoa Le Strade Nuove
Located in Via Garibaldi, from the entrance of the residential and office building. It's seen a bright courtyard.

Genoa Le Strade Nuove
Located in the elegant Via Roma, Doria/Antonio house faced in the Piazza Corvetto. Now it's used as a City Hall of Province of Genoa.

Genoa Le Strade Nuove
Gateway to the city of Genoa, Via Balbi extended straight from the Principe station. Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace) is located in the middle street.


On July 13th 2006, one of the interesting historical areas in Genoa was registered on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. A glamorous monumental Via Garibaldi and Nuove Strade (that means "new streets" in Italian, but this area was constructed from the late 16th to the early 17th century). On these streets there are located several museums that are opened to the public. Must see!

What are Strade Nuove and Palazzi Dei Rolli?

"Nuove Strade" and Palazzi Dei Rolli di Genova - or, more precisely, Rolli degli alloggiamenti pubblici di Genova - formed an official list at the time of the Republic of Genoa, of public lodging palaces and mansions of eminent Genoese families, which aspired to host - from a public lottery - the persons in transit for visits of state.

In later times the same homes have hosted the distinguished visitors which included the Ligurian capital in their Grand Tour cultural and / or tourist itinerary.

Examples of the first European urban plan, developed with the facility!

Planned by official empower, these private palaces became the base of congressional notifications and utilized as official welcome place. This is an example of the unique urban system in Europe. Besides the historical beautiful architecture, this point seems to be one of the important reason to be listed on World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The impact of city planning in this model has also been revealed by Italian and European literature later.

Architectural characteristics of Palazzi Dei Rolli

Nuove Strade area are the current Via Garibaldi. There are many buildings of Renaissance and Baroque style. These aristocrat palaces were larger than when they were formed as a residential area in the late 16th century. Generally 3-4 storey buildings, even in a relatively confined space, they have a gradual garden, spectacular staircases, patio, and colonnade.

Rolli in Genoa attracted well-known artists

The homes included in the Rolli are divided into three categories according to size, beauty and importance and were used according to these criteria to accommodate cardinals, princes and viceroys, feudal lords, ambassadors and governors. To each category of guest a Compass point (Bussolo) corresponded to the names of owners who competed by lot to support [charge] and honor (oneri ed onori) the official visits. The guests who was treated in one of these palaces, went back to their country and talked about the particularity of architecture and culture. Some famous artists were attracted and desired to come to Genoa. One of the important evidences that they left here is Palazzo Bianco (White Palace), there is a big collection of paintings such as Peter Paul Rubens.

There are forty-two buildings of the Rolli included among shared human heritage of UNESCO!

Palazzi dei Rolli area is situated on the Via Garibaldi mainly. However, also there are other interesting buildings : the Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace) on the Via Balbi extending from Principe station, the house of Antonio Doria which is currently used as a prefecturevernment building located in eastern Piazza Corvetto, the house of De Marini - Croce close to the southern tip of the Porto Antico (Old Port)... In total there has been designated 42 buildings. Some of them are opened to the public as a museum, other are used as common residences, general offices of banks or various organizations and government. Therefore you cannot visit all of these buildings inside.

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Advice from who lives in Italy

Please enjoy the atmosphere of the elegant county from outside. If you have time, it's recommended to visit one of these museums. You can see also the inside of these historical residences.


Name Palazzi Dei Rolli
Address Via Garibaldi 9-16123 Genova-ITALY
How to reach

Distance: approximately 15-20 minutes. Go right from the station to the main street (Via XX settmbre) till Piazza De Ferrari. Turn right and go straight on the Via XXV Aprile to the Piazza Fontane Maroze. Turn left, go straight ahead and soon you arrive at the Via Garibaldi.

Bus: To Piazza De Ferrari: No. 17,18,18/,19,33,37,37/, 39,40,46,47. Get off at the metro station of Piazza De Ferrari.

Walk from Genoa Principe Station: 15 minutes. Exit the station, go straight the Via Balbi and turn right at the Largo della Zecca. Continue the Via Cairoli to the Via Garibaldi.

Close Monday (Museum)
Open Tuesday-Friday: 9:00-19:00, Saturday & Sunday: 10:00-19:00
Admission 8 euros (March 2009)
Tour Tour in Palazzi dei Rolli
[Date and Time] Every Saturday from 15:30
[Time required] About 1.5 hours
[Capacity] 25 persons
[Cost] 10 euros a person (March 2009)
Bookshop Musei di Strada Nuova
Tel. : +39.010.2759185
Email :
Opening Hours : Tuesday-Friday: 9:00-19:00, Saturday&Suday: 10:00-19:00
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