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Le Scuderie dell'Astronauta

Genoa Restaurant Le Scuderie
The ambiance of the restaurant from the entrance gives an impression of "hideaway restaurant". If it's a fine day, you can enjoy your meals on the terrace under a large umbrella near the entrance.

Genoa Restaurant Le Scuderie
An ornament of the motif of Medieval knight in Genoa. They have specialties of Genoa and Ligurian cuisine.

Genoa Restaurant Le Scuderie
The first floor which was old stable in the past, now here is a pizzeria and beer house.

Genoa Restaurant Le Scuderie
Antipasti (appetizers) are well established and homemade desserts buffet. Please leave some spaces in the stomach for desserts!

Genoa Restaurant Le Scuderie
Seafood spaghetti (9 euros). Look at these large shrimps and mussels!

Genoa Restaurant Le Scuderie
Spaghetti Vongole (9 euros).

Genoa Restaurant Le Scuderie
Panzotti with walnut sauce, Ligurian pasta (8 euros). Egg pasta stuffed with vegetables and Ricotta have delicate taste and good with creamy walnut sauce.

Genoa Restaurant Le Scuderie
Paella (12 euros per 1 person, possible to order from 2 person). Risotto is an Italian rice dish but this paella is very good.

Taste 4.5 stars Located at the ferry terminal (Terminal Traghetti) and the zone of Lanterna (name of the Lighthouse of Genoa), so it's not in the center. However, the balance of price and taste and its atmosphere value to visit. Who knows well seafood could be satisfied here.
Mood 4.5 stars
Price 4 stars
Total 4.5 stars

A romantic restaurant with grace atmosphere

Since Genoa is a port city, it has an image of "men of the sea" and there are many quick-eat take out shops. However this restaurant has an elegant and very sweet atmosphere. It is popular among young women. Table settings and decorations, especially on the second floor are full of sophisticated sense of madame owner. It's suitable for women friends or date situation. On the way back to the center at night, you can see the illuminated Lanterna, a lighthouse of Genoa.

The plenty seafood is so nice!

The main cuisine of this restaurant is seafood, and ingredients are very large comparing other places! In general, dishes of fish cost a little bit high but here the price is less than average. The recommended Fritto misto (Fried seafood platter) contains not only large shrimps, but also some rare types of fish in a big portion. I think it would be better to order a little bit less than the number of person.

Also local cuisine of Liguria

They have a very wide range from the Genoa classic dishes to the Ligurian cuisine. Talking about a food of Genoa, Genovese paste is very famous: the creamy sauce of basil, pine nuts, and Parmesan for pasta. Please try the authentic home made taste. In addition, Panzotti pasta with walnuts source which is presented in the picture, chickpeas farinata (from the appearance it may look like a thin omelet, but no egg is used) and focaccia al formaggio (cheese sandwich of focaccia) are also excellent with beer.

The first owner of this restaurant was the Italian's first astronaut!

Italian's first astronaut, the Genovese Franco Malerba flied into the space on July 31, 1992 as one of the members of space shuttle Atlantis. Later he became the owner of this restaurant. The name "LE SCUDERIE DELL'ASTRONAUTA" means "Stable of the astronaut". Pizzeria and beer house on the ground floor were originally old stables, now transformed. Here you can enjoy a joyful time with several friends, with a beer mug in one hand and pizza in another.

Visit to the Lighthouse and lunch, for Saturday nights it is recommended to reserve

This restaurant is not located within a walking distance from the center, but if you use a public transport like bus, it takes less time. Di Negro is the nearest subway station and walk just 600m from there. For Saturday nights, it might become full, so I recommend you to reserve for the case. If you come to lunch, you can combine with the visit to the Lanterna (Lighthouse of Genoa). There is also a 4 star hotel NOVOTEL GE-OVEST near around.

from ITALY
We recommend "Le Scuderie"!

It's not popular for tourists because of its location, however they offer you very delicious meals and relaxing atmosphere. I recommend the fish dishes. The upper floor is filled with lovely goods. You would be mesmerized! Desserts of chef Marco receive high reputation, so on good weather days it's also suitable to take a break at the terrace cafe.


Name Le Scuderie dell'Astronauta
Address Via Carpaneto 18r. Genova Sampierdarena Italy
How to reach From Terminal Traghetti go straight 400m the Via Cantore seeing Mattitone (pencil-shaped building) left. After the elevated road, go down the slope about 30 m, and turn left. From the center there are buses of 3,18,18/. Get off at the third stop of the Via A. Cantore.
TEL +39 010.6438925
Close Sunday
Opening Hours Monday-Saturday: 12:15-14:00, 19:30-23:00
Budget 25 euros/person (excluding drink)

[Table Charge] 2 euros / person

[Primo Piatto]
Spaghetti alla brezza di mare 9euros, Paella 12 euros a person(from 2 persons), Spaghetti alle vongole 9euros, Pansotti al sugo di noci 8 euros, Spaghetti al pesto 9 euros

Fritto misto 11 euros, Insalata di mare , Insalata di polipo , Farinata , Melanazane grigliate , Patate fritte 3 euros, Tiramisu'

Coca cola 250ml 2 euros, Acqua naturale/frizzante 750ml/bottle (Mineral water) 2 euros, Caffe'(Espresso) 1 euros

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