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The tower of Grimaldi and its Prisonn (La Torre Grimaldina)

Genoa tower of Grimaldi
On the top of the Grimaldi tower a red cross flag is standing as a symbol of Genoa.

Genoa tower of Grimaldi
Being located in the heart of the city, from the tower you can overlook the city of Genoa widely.
Tower equipped with a green dome on the left is the Duomo of Genoa, and from the top behind it's seen the Cathedral of San Lorenzo.

Genoa tower of Grimaldi
On the mural there had been left the paintings of sailing ships and troops.

Genoa tower of Grimaldi
The prison entrance. The door is double doors locked with many layers.


If you like high places, in Genoa you have to visit this "Tower of Grimaldi"! It is interesting also to visit the prison.

Come here if you love high places!!!

In the Doge's Palace, there is a tower called the "Tower of the People (La Torre del Popolo)", or "Grimaldi Tower (La Torre Grimaldina)".
The origin of this tower dates back to the 13th century, when the Doge's Palace had been the Fieschi palace or may date back even to the 11th century as a masonry tower.

On the top floor of the tower the bell has been installed in the Middle Ages. At the occasion of an important festival and the siege of enemy lines, it was rung in order to let people know the notices, especially during executions.

From the late 13th century, the tower and its associated rooms served as a secret prison. Many political prisoners, rebellions and anarchists were put inside. The cell walls of the attic are filled with many writings to declare innocent action, poems, sexual expressions etc. The brighter and more spacious rooms have beautiful paintings of army, knights and ladies, the forests and allegorical scenes on the walls.

Some of the most important "customers" in this prison: Paolo da Novi, a key player in the governor. In 1815 a famous composer and violinist Nicolo Paganini by the accusation of "abduction and seduction to not adult". In 1849, Giuseppe Garibaldi who contributed to unify the Kingdom of Italy, during the siege of the French army to republic of Rome.

From the terraces and from the top of the tower now a 360-degree panorama of Genoa can be seen. You can enjoy a wonderful view from the old town to the harbor, and from New Town to the mountain fortress.

Generally to visit this prison tower it's necessary to reserve as a group tour. If you would like to visit by yourself, please ask information to the tower.

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To go up to the tower, please take the elevator from the entrance on the first floor. On the forth floor, go inside and rise through the narrow stone staircase as like it was in the past. From the top you can see fairly good views.

Plus, inside of some jails, the shapes of prisoners at that time are projected on the walls. You can see them from the outside of the grid. It's interesting as if looking a ghost. If you have a chance, it's worth a look.


Name The tower of Grimaldi and its Prisonn (La Torre Grimaldina)
Address Piazza Matteotti 9-16123 Genova-ITALY
How to reach Please see Doge's Palace
TEL information : Reservation+39 010.5574064/065
Time required: about 30min.-1hour
Video on the history of Italy: 15min.
Helmet rental: the height of the entrance to each cell for low adult height is intended to protect the head.
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