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Trattoria ANITA 3stars

Trattoria ANITA

A recommended trattoria, especially for those who pinch the pennies. You will get filling meal at an inexpensive price, also local Italians haunt. Anyway you will enjoy at a cheaper price though we don’t say extremely delicious.

For instance, if you choose a dish of pasta, the second dish and side dish, it will cost 6 euro. (table charge, 1 euro, is not included). Neither beverage is included but if you order a glass of wine and a cup of coffee after a meal, will cost only 10 euro in total. You can have “Bistecca alla Fiorentina” by 9 euro. It’s located in the center.

Testimonials travelers

Comments from travelers

On this website this restaurant is presented and indicated with three stars but we enjoyed it fully beyond the numbers of stars. So delicious and offers fair cost performance. In Florence at the restaurants we commonly have to pay a lot however this restaurant provides us with Florentine dishes at a lower price. If we go to a bar and take a sandwich and a beverage, it will cost almost the same. ANITA is recommended to visit if you want to enjoy meals while saving. (July 2007)

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Comments from travelers

Only during a lunch time cheaper menus are available, I thought it cost enough during a dinner time. I cannot say a price for the lunch is extremely cheap, I want to recommend “Osteria L’Antico NOE’” (Porta San Pierino), it would be better. (February 2008)

Nome Trattoria ANITA
Address Via del Parlascio, 2/r - 50122 Firenze Italy
How to reach Located in the alley at the west back side of “Il Palazzo Vecchio” and ” La Galleria degli Uffizi”. You can find it easily because a sign indicates.
Tel. +39 055 218 698
Closed Sunday
Opening Hours 12:00-14:30 19:00-22:00
Menu You can choose from; lasagna, pasta of tomatoes, and penne with ham and rucola etc.
Second Piatti (Second Dishes)
You can choose from; grilled stuffed meat, chicken cutlet, and octopus stewed with tomatoes
Contorni (Side Dishes)
Potatoes with a taste of saffron
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