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L'Osteria SEMOLINA 4 stars

Ristorante SEMOLINA


It ‘s a restaurant- pizzeria which is bustling with local people everyday. A half of the menu are pastas, the others are pizzas: pastas are more popular. The pastas are handmade so you can enjoy Tuscany taste and can make you fill. The sweets are big and home style. Uncommonly in Florence but smoking seats are available.


Comments from travelers

I went to there with a friend who lives in Florence. Friendly and casual osteria, offers dishes of great volume, the house wines are also cheap and delicious. Also outside of the osteria tables are available, a lot of foreigners as well as local people spilled out. (Aug, 2010)

Name Ristorante-Pizzeria SEMOLINA
Address Piazza Ghiberti, 87/r 50122 Firenze, Italy
How to reach Go northeast from the Santa Croce Church, 5 minute walk. Faces Piazza Ghiberti where there is a market. You can arrive easily also from Piazza Sant’Ambrogio or Piazza dei Ciompi.
Tel. TEL +39 055 234 7584
FAX +39 055 226 8858
Closed Tuesday
Opening Hours 7.30 pm(around)- 11.00 pm
Budget 10-20 euro a person (wine is not included)
Menu Trofie (a special kind of pasta) with mushrooms and pecorino cheese: 9 euro, Gnocchi with tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese: 7.5 euro, Tortelloni (short pasta) with tomatoes and pecorino cheese: 8 euro, Pici (a certain kind of special pasta in Siena) with sauce of boar meat: 8 euro
House wine, 1 liter: 8 euro
Sweets: 4.5 euro
Coffee: 2 euro
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