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Cinque Terre Card

Cinque Terre Card Treno
This is the affordable card "Cinque Terre"
The 1-day ticket including train ride costs only 8.5 euros!

Cinque Terre Card Treno
Please write your "name", "surname" and "nationality" on the back. Fill with before use.


For tourists who stay in the Cinque Terre, this "Cinque Terre Card" is very convenient and affordable. In addition to free unlimited travel on trains and buses between all five villages, the admission of the Path of Love (Via dell'Amore) becomes free, as well as some hiking courses (percorsi pedonali). Please buy it as soon as you arrive!

Convenient and cheap, "Cinque Terre Card"

The "Cinque Terre Card" offers free unlimited travel on buses and the admission of the Path of Love (Via dell'Amore) becomes free, as well as some hiking courses (percorsi pedonali). Cinque Terre is registered as a World Heritage Site, and this area has been designated also as national parks. Most of all people who explore the Cinque Terre would buy this card. Indeed it's really good and affordable.
You can buy it at each station in Cinque Terre. Please buy it as soon as you arrive!

There are four types of cards depending on the duration

  • 1-day ticket, 2-day ticket, 3-day ticket, 7-day ticket
  • The card is stamped at the time of purchase and it will be effective immediately upon. If there is no stamp, please stamp it at the first time of use.
  • Please note that 1-day ticket is not valid for 24 hours, it's valid until midnight of that day.
  • To use this card, you should write your name, surname, nationality on the back side.
  • It's available only in person
  • Non-refundable

Three types of benefits (the second one with train discount is most useful! )

  • Free Facilities of Cinque Terre Card
    • Use of Cinque Terre Eco-bus and public elevator
    • Free entrance of the hiking course No. 2 including the "Path of Love", nature viewing facility and national park area
    • Museum of Sciacchetra' in Manarola (Museo dello Sciacchetra'), Riomaggiore Memorial Museum (Museo della Memoria), Riomaggiore Groppo olive oil mill (Antico frantoio del Groppo)
    • Virtual Aquarium in Monterosso al Mare (Acquario virtuale, now closed), Levanto's multimedia theater (sala multimediale)
    • Factory of salted anchovies in Monterosso al Mare (Centro di Salagione delle acciughe)
    • Free Bike rent at the upper courses in the park for three hours (subject to availability)
    • Discount at designated shops in the Cinque Terre National Park
  • Cinque Terre Card Treno (Train)
    • All services of the above discount
    • Free ride of the train between Levanto and La Spezia Centrale (second class, limited number available per day)
  • Cinque Terre Card Battello (Ferry)
    • All services of the above Cinque Terre Card Treno (Train)
    • Free ride of Ferry in the Bay Area of Cinque Terre (subject to availability per day)
N.B. Sciacchetra' is sweet dessert wine of Cinque Terre

Price of each ticket

    Cinque Terre Card Cinque Terre Card
Cinque Terre Card
12 to 70 years old 1-day ticket 5 euros 8.5 euros 19.5 euros
2-day ticket 8 euros 14.7 euros -
3-day ticket 10 euros 19.5 euros -
7-day ticket 20 euros 36.5 euros -
4 to 12 years old 1-day ticket 2.5 euros 4.3 euros 9.8 euros
2-day ticket 4 euros 7.4 euros -
3-day ticket 5 euros 9.8 euros -
7-day ticket 10 euros 18.3 euros -
Over age 70 1-day ticket 4 euros 6.8 euros 19.5 euros
2-day ticket 6.4 euros 11.8 euros -
3-day ticket 8 euros 15.6 euros -
7-day ticket 16 euros 29.2 euros -
For Family 1-day ticket 12.5 euros 21.3 euros -
2-day ticket 20 euros 36.8 euros -
3-day ticket 25 euros 48.8 euros -
7-day ticket 50 euros 91.3 euros -