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Ristorante Il Teatro

Amalfi's Restaurant
From the main street of the town "Via del Duomo," turn to the west and follow this single white trail. Il Teatro is located at the corner. Good atmosphere!

Amalfi's Restaurant
From the ceiling of the restaurant a cute welcome sign is found.

Amalfi's Restaurant
The interior atmosphere is also nice and spacious, toilets are clean.
The white house wine was served by a beaker! Of course I poured into a glass and drank it.

Amalfi's Restaurant
Wine-steamed mussels appetizer. You can see their full meats also from the photos. It was only 6 euro!

Amalfi's Restaurant
Penne with carbonara sauce. I tried to eat the menu which the local people would like to order. It was a little bit dry but had a decent taste.

Amalfi's Restaurant
This is the "Sharatierri", specialty pasta of Amalfi and Naples. I had eaten in many restaurants, but this dish had the most glutinous texture. Sauce was well mixed and delicious!

Delizia al Limone
Sorrento's popular dessert "Delizia al Limone". Beautiful lemon yellow cream, the cake is accompanied by a local fresh lemon.

Taste 4 stars

Since Amalfi is a resort town, there are many many restaurants. I tried to search a not touristic one on the back streets, and found this hidden restaurant "Il Teatro".
It stands alone in a maze of white houses. A courteous waitress was great too. It's a rustic-style restaurant with delicious dishes at a quite reasonable cost.
If you like a hidden spot with delicious cuisine, here would be a great destination.

Mood 4 stars
Price 4.5 stars
Total 4 stars

Back streets of Amalfi are like a maze...

Amalfi is one of the largest resorts in southern Italy. There are many restaurants and shops on main street but most of all are for tourists and it's not very pleasant. Therefore, I decided to search a hidden restaurant on back street, the friendly one where the locals go often, and went out to explore. About 30 minutes after wandering around the backstreets of white plaster, comparing the rates and menu lists of several restaurants, I finally decided this restaurant "Il Teatro". "Teatro" means "Theatre" in Italian, I was looking forward to see what kind of dishes would come on stage.

Good atmosphere at night Pizza is also attractive

Since we arrived at the restaurant at 12.30, at the opening time for lunch of this restaurant, so we were the first. The menu from appetizers to main dishes is composed of rich local traditional seafood. Outside of the restaurant firewoods were stacked and used for pizza oven. If you stay longer, I guess it would be also nice to have a pizza at night.
The interior is enough spacious and bright, I choose outside to see this pretty white street. Comfortable and cool breeze of June was winding.

Lower prices, but perfect taste!

Price range is really resonable so hard to believe as a resort area. Lunch for 2 persons, we payed only 37 euros including wine. Wine-steamed mussels appetizer (Cozze alla marinara) was just cooked, large and fresh meats of mussels were so delicous. We ordered also Penne pasta with carbonara sauce and a well-known local pasta "Sharatierri with fish". Sharatierri of this restaurant is truly handmade, its glutinous texture was wonderful. The pasta with seafood was unbearably delicious !!!

It's also fun to talk with friendly staffs

When I was taking pictures of food concentratedly, one of the old staffs offered to take a photo of me! I passed him my camera but he didn't understand exactly how to use this camera. Finally an inclear picture came out, but I was very happy to touch his kindness. The other staffs were all friendly and courteous. People of southern Italy is really kind and charming.

After eating please taste a famous dessert, Delizia al Limone!

We ordered this famous dessert, Delizia al Limone cake. This cake is a specialty of this region known for lemon products, and has a cute shape of a dome.
Southern Italian sweets are often too sweet, however this cake is prepared with limoncello (lemon liqueur) and lemon peels, so it's very refreshing taste. The outside is smooth and creamy, while inside the different flavors cream is wrapped by sponge cake.
Even if after eating a lot, this dessert is too delicious to finish all. When you visit the Amalfi Coast, please eat this dessert at least once!!

Light lunch, 37 euros for two (including wine)

Overeating the day before, we took a light lunch, two dishes less than the usual. In any case, it would be pretty cheap considering that this price included wine.

  • Charge --- 2 euros/person
  • Wine Steamed Mussels (Cozze alla Marinara) --- 6 euros
  • Penne with Carbonara sauce (Penne alla Carbonara) --- 7 euros
  • Sharatierri with seafood (Scialatielli al Teatro) --- 8 euros
  • Homemade desserts (Delizia al Limone) --- 4 euros
  • White house wine (vino bianco della casa) --- 6 euros
  • Natural water (Acaua minerale) --- 2 euros / liter
from ITALY
We recommend this restaurant, "Il Teatro"!

Amalfi is a small and cute town and is the best location to stay because of good transport service to other towns. It's lively in the center of the town, but if you enter in backstreets you can find the wide landscape.
There are many tourists of course, but you would be able to find a hidden restaurant, or there are also many trattoria. If you prefer to eat local dishes in a family atmosphere, I highly recommend here. You can fully satisfy the taste, of course!


Menu (June 2009)
Table charge 2 euros / person
Cozze alla marinara (Wine Steamed Mussels) 6 euros etc.
6-10 euros
Primi piatti
Penne alla Carbonara (Penne with Carbonara sauce) 7 euros, Scialatielli al Teatro (Sharatierri with seafood) 8 euros, etc
6-10 euros
Secondi piatti
Mein dishes
6-10 euros
Side dish
4-6 euros
Pizza 4.5-8 euros
Homemade Dessert (Dolce della casa) 4 euros
vino, bevande
Wine Drinks
Various Wines
Vino della casa (House wine) 6 euros
Acqua (Natural water) 2 euros

Store name Ristorante Il Teatro
Address Via E.Marini, 19 Amalfi (SA)-Italy
How to reach Go to the north on the main street Via del Duomo, and turn left in the narrow street. Here there are many narrow streets so check well on your map. If you ask to someone nearby, everybody knows it.
Phone number +39 089 872473
Opening Hours Lunch 12:30-15:00
Dinner 18:30-
Budget about 15-25 euros a head (excluding drink)
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