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Duomo of Amalfi

Duomo of Amalfi
Duomo with beautiful golden facade at the end of the stairs. In the evening it becomes brilliant.

Duomo of Amalfi
St. Andrea and a fountain in the square.

Duomo of Amalfi
Beautiful square courtyard surrounded by the corridor of Heaven.

Duomo of Amalfi
Underground crypt and gorgeous altar. Patron of the town St. Andrea sleeps here.

Duomo of Amalfi
The baroque style of the interior of the Duomo.

Go by bus from Sorrento to Amalfi

On June 2009, for the first time I visited the Amalfi coast. From Naples, I stayed in Sorrento as a base point and visited also the island of Capri. After that by SITA bus I went to the town of Amalfi. The 24-hour ticket (€ 6) of "UNICO costiera" company is pretty cheap. After Amalfi, I got full advantage of this tourist ticket to visit Positano and Ravello.

Scream! Amalfi Coast drive is thrilling!

I arrived early at the bus stop in Sorrento, because I wanted to get a window seat (right side). Amalfi Coast is a maze of steep and narrow roads, some places have only one way. While sounding a horn the bus passes on those roads at a high speed such as the race of F1! Just outside the window is cliffs! At first I was sweating with fear, but getting used and at last I took many photos of the beautiful scenery.

Finally arrived at Amalfi!

While passing through the Emerald Cave and other attractions in Positano, I arrived at Amalfi safely. Here is a main bus terminal to visit each city. Immediately in front of the terminal you can find the entrance to the town. It's easy to get to the main square (Piazza Duomo) through the narrow street surrounded by buildings. On the left side there are many open terrace bars and on the right there is a beautiful staircase to the duomo. This beautiful square has a weird fountain inside.

Duomo of Amalfi

It had been constructed in AD 987, it's said at that time there were two churches inside. It had been renovated into one church in the beginning of the 13th century. Saint Andrea, the patron of the town is enshrined in this duomo and underground there are also remains of saints in the custodial. Of course, the fountain in the Piazza Duomo is St. Andrea.

The Golden facade is neo-gothic style, while considering the harmony with the adjacent bell tower, it was rebuilt by Enrico Alvino in the 19th century. The facade becomes so very golden in the evening, it's also known as the "golden Duomo".

The central bronze doors were cast in Constantinople, and attached to this church in 1065. Symbol of wealth and power of the Amalfi Maritime Republic at the time.

Corridor of Heaven

Through beautiful and long stairs, you can see the entrance to "Corridor of Heaven (Chiostro del Paradiso, 1268)" on the left. To visit the Duomo you enter from this corridor of heaven. Admission is 5 euro. At that time, this corridor was used as a Cemetery for upper-class citizens. Corridor around the courtyard is very beautiful and mystical as like "paradise". It's a dazzling contrast of the green garden and white porticos.

Museums, basement room, and the Duomo

After the corridor you can visit Duomo Museum, crypt underground room devoted to St. Andrea, and main part of Duomo. The highlight of the underground is the altar filled with lavish marble decoration. Luxury ornamentation has a holy atmosphere.

Inside of the Duomo is Baroque style and it was rebuilt in the 18th century. You can see a plenty of decoration with fine gold. The church is used for the Mass still now.

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About the Duomo and the cloister of Heaven

Duomo and the cloister of the Heaven must be one of the biggest attractions in the town of Amalfi. If you have time please visit them. In the summer from 9 am until 19 pm, in the winter it's open from 10 am to 17 pm.